Care instructions

Hey there!
I'm your new Breden. I was made with love and care and I really hope that you will be as good to me as my maker. I would like to be with you and your kids as long as possible, therefore I'd like to tell you a few things about me:
1. If I have studs or zippers, please close them before washing
2. If I have something printed on me, please turn me inside-out to keep me looking bright
3. If I have pockets, empty them before washing (sand, hidden treasure, chewing gum etc)
4. Sorry, but I'm really not gonna recover from bleaching, soaking or dry cleaning
5. I'm also afraid of being hand washed in hot water and drying in the sun
6. If I'm part of an ensemble (like a hat and a scarf), wash us together to keep us looking the same
7. Please wash me before using to remove loose color and dust and prevent the prints from being ruined. If you are in a hurry to put me on right after buying and some colors happen to run loose, put me in the washing machine as soon as possible and I should be fine again. 


Merino wool

Never wash thinner and thicker merino products together because they have different needs!


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girl sitting on a bench in a pink dotted organic cotton hat and scarf

Hats and scarves

kid looking out of the window dreaming in organic cotton outdoor sweats